Past Events

The quieter you become the more you hear...


July 20th, 2019. The Yoga Nectar Volume III. At this third sold out event, The Yoga Nectar took it back to our roots and held the latest adventure at Creatington once again. We brought together a group of intergalactic savages to collectively raise our vibrations and create a space for community, open hearts, and healing. Promoting cannabis as a medicine - as a tool to dive deeper into the body - we continue to synergize wellness, art, and cannabis as an accessible portal for connection. Check out the recap video to see it in action.

Event Recap video by Galen Oaks and Edited By yuya ohashi


March 9th, 2019. The Yoga Nectar Volume I. This event was about healing as a community. It was about using cannabis as a spiritual teacher. It was about getting in touch with yourself in a very authentic way. With an optional CBD + THC element, we got elevated as a collective to create connection through movement and meditation. At Creatington Studios in the Arts District LA, 75 of us came together and began the journey. Watch the video recap below to get a taste.

Event Recap video by yuya ohashi

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May 4th, 2019. The Yoga Nectar Volume II. We held our second main event at Evolve Project in DTLA. With almost 200 guests, we danced, we yoga-ed, we smoked, we got cryo-facials, we got our hair braided, we all smoked a joint together at 4:20, we meditated, we ate SO many tacos, we took photos with an art installation from Burning Man, and more. Check out the recap video for a little sip of the sweet nectar.

Event Recap video by Lucas Blanc